Of Pindu Accents and Weird RSVPs :Two Strange Incidents This Week

Just heard a DJ on a very popular radio show, admit to his two Co-DJs how he does not have a British or Suave American accent unlike his other two co-hosts also of a Desi Origin. He almost seemed apologetic of his “Pindu Accent” (Pindu is a Punjabi word translated by urban dictionary as An Indian person from the village who is tragically unsophisticated) . And now does it surprise me that why do so many South Asians try and fake a British or American accent, sometimes just months after arrival into the western world . Have they ever wondered while their ‘Pendu Accent’ with correct English is totally fine, but their fake attempt at sounding suave are perhaps met with much more ridicule. And I don’t find this tendency among Europeans, Russians, Latinos or even the other Asians. And not all South Asians needed to neutralize their accent due to call center employment

Second unrelated incident, I heard someone turn down a party invitation for a common friend’s birthday, because he/she had signed up for dinner with twelve strangers. Ok, one may not consider hanging out with grad school colleagues as the mark of a rocking social life, but if you need to sign up for dinner with strangers to spice it up, why turn down a party to which you are invited and welcome – beats me!

Lotus Beat Now Availble as a Podcast: Eid Mubarak and Rembering Bhupen Hazarika

To indeed cater to a worldwide audience and enable our listeners to enjoy listening at their own time, we have decided to make the show available as a podcast, soon after its original airing.

This week we played songs celebrating Eid as well as some compositions by Bhupen Hazarika, the Bard of Bhramaputra

In due course we hope to release a playlist as well along with the Podcast. Any technological suggestions for how to do this would be more than welcome ( in other words much needed!)

Happy Listening!