Ignorance ‘can’ be bliss!

Here’s a recent incident of how my being ignorant of a very popular new technology product led me to experience something very interesting.

Brief Digression: I have to admit to the cliched title to the post, but sometimes cliches are the most powerful way of summing up a thought. Perhaps that’s how lines like the one I used here, become cliches in the first place.

Coming Back The world around me (well, my facebook connections’ wall, the tweets i follow etc, if it qualifies the term ‘world’) has been recently talking about a term snow leopard. Since this came from a few friends in the US who reside in areas where it snows, and are nature lovers, I assumed they were indeed talking about having spotted snow leopards, yes an admirable (now rare) creature of the cat family. I myself had the good fortune of seeing snow leopards in Ladakh way back in year 1995.
Snow Leopards As I always knew
The snow leopard I always knew

But soon realization dawned on me, that they were indeed talking about some new technology product as talks about launch date, free upgrades, patches and many other similar terms gained momentum. A poor cat couldn’t be launched or upgraded with patches unless some serious genetic experiments were underway!

Confused, I decided to remove my doubts by using Wikipedia, as I thought it to be contemporary and more accustomed to the jargon that ‘the world’ around me uses. And here’s how the article on Wikipedia for ‘Snow Leopard’ begins:

Snow Leopard From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This article is about the cat. For Apple’s operating system, see Mac OS X v10.6. For the book by Peter Matthiessen, see The Snow Leopard.

Are you then compelled to learn about Snow Leopard, here or else remain blissfully ignorant? I chose the latter!