It’s a blessing that Web 2.0 is unable to monetize

I was recently ‘chatting’ ( yes online indeed!) with a friend about how gtalk and specifically chat within email is the biggest drain on my productivity among all the addictions I have. Even if you drink once a week, it only ruins half of the next morning, coffee makes people more alert and so on! My friend’s concen was how to get over his facebook addiction!

I indeed thought that perhaps my generation’s productivity without web chat may have been much higher, and an analysis of idle time spent on chatting, emailing, facebook etc at a micro (individual) level may reveal results that are shocking – the kinds we don’t want to know.

This is when I thought of something related, the struggle of internet companies to make money. I am sure most of you have come across articles, interviews and reports expressing concerns about (lack of) revenue models of new age websites like facebook and twitter. The fact that users are addicted, yet may not be willing to pay for using these means money has to come in indirectly – so advertising, virtual goods, analytics, trendspotting and what have you.

And I blurted out on that chat – It will be good if these companies close down before they figure out how to make money. Maybe the world will be free of its newly found addictions!