When Engineers (and men) Dance!

Agreed a lot of engineers and a lot of men are good dancers, but as a group it is expected that engineers and that too men may not produce the best dance ever known in history. But how badly can they do after all, especially when dances are choreographed. Just how absurd  can a coordinated effort of able bodied 24 year old’s with  normal mental faculties appear!

Did it ever appear to you that the choreographer was one of them too ? No, read on!

To demonstrate the above point, as a tradition, the senior batch at Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA, http://www.mica-india.net) presents for its juniors a glimpse of the ‘world view’ about Men AND Engineers  and Group  Dancing. It was something my seniors (2003) passed on to me (2004),  we passed on to our juniors (2005).

With the ever increasing number of engineers in the country and consequently so at MICA, this dance is becoming funnier by the day.

Enjoy the latest one – and if anyone has access to the previous ones – do fill me in