Hail the web and the blogosphere: Finally my blog has had ‘real impact’

I have been updating this blog somewhat regularly now. I have often wondered whether I write this weblog for a particular audience . Perhaps the diverse nature of posts (yes I go all over) suggests that I don’t. So why do I then bother to use tags, categories to make my blog more search friendly. However I have been proven wrong and I am thrilled!
Regular readers (sigh!) will remember a few weeks ago I wrote about my rather funny but adorable roommate from Russia, Mikhail Safronov on this blog. I had forgotten about this post altogether. A few hours ago Mikhail came running to my room, excited and blurted out loud ” Harsh, A real Bhains ki Aankh has happened. My parents saw your blog and now are making fun of me and my mom is a little worried that Barack Obama should not see this blog !”

We were amused that how did they get to this post. I used the word-press dashboard to see what search terms had been used recently to get to this blog. And found that someone on 2nd Feb 2010 had used the phrase “northwestern university safronov” to get here. So now Mikhail knows that his parents (or their colleagues) try to stay more informed about their son than his phone calls can inform them. Maybe the economist will elevate his views about a PhD in Media, Technology and Society!

So a piece of content produced in the USA which perhaps appealed to only one unit in Russia – Mikhail’s household – reached there in less than two weeks after it was produced. The recipients had to be just more active in seeking what they wanted to read/view. I hope Mr Safronov gets to read this one too!

Hola America – Here I arrive!

I like telling stories.Though not an interesting storyteller, yet I always have a lot of stories to tell!

During my last few weeks in India ,the frequency at which this blog was being updated was quite high, at least by my own standards. I was confident that I had overcome the writers block that had killed my first blog jhola . That made it only natural that the handful of followers, that this blog has (perhaps this group is restricted to a circle of friends), did expect stories and anecdotes from me.

In that context,does it not just seem strange that in 21 days, not one story has been narrated ?

I just hope that the past three weeks of silence have not killed those expectations. And that there are no thoughts that like ‘Jhola’ this journal of mine is dying a premature death. Without going into the reasons of why I never posted anything so far, I would instead attempt to start posting with some regularity.( That’s being forward looking indeed!)

Well,this transition for me has a multitude of dimensions. It is not only moving into a new, remarkably different country and culture, but also moving from a comfortable and rewarding work life back to university, and that too for what I hope to be a not too long and yet successful haul at attaching a doctor of philosophy against my name.

Will these be tales about being struck by the awe and wonders that a transition to a posh neighborhood of a metropolis in a first world country brings with it? Will they be accounts of utter disgust at some of the realities that a transition as significant as this one has in store for most people? Will they be pedantic accounts of what Indian higher education institutions can learn from some rich upmarket universities that have succeeded in marketing themselves?

My stories should cover all this and much more as I begin my explorations into another part of this planet. While the subjects I may talk about are cliched, but I am sure my perspectives on them should be unique or at least interesting to the followers of my blog.
I shall end this ‘prologue’ with fond hope that the chapters of the main text would start appearing soon