Explore Taipei Airport but Avoid Co-passengers from Amritsar

Part 1: Taipei, December 25th
I am writing this as I wait to board my connecting flight to San Fransisco and am at the Taipei Airport. The Taipei Airport is very well appointed and modern. The inter-terminal transfer was smooth with a Sky Train and whatever I have explored of the shopping area and the general look and feel is impressive and the free Wi-Fi welcome.

Briefly let me digress and tell you that the China Airlines flight from New Delhi to Taipei was a good experience. Barring some of my co-passengers ( which you shall soon discover), this airline reminded me of the concept of what are ‘in-flight services’, that two long haul flights by American airlines had made me almost forget.Bulk of the Indian passengers on the Delhi – Taipei flight were from Punjab and headed onwards to San Fransisco or (yes you got it!) Vancouver or Toronto.

One such young lady from Amritsar headed to SFO discovered that I had the same final destination (and our seats weren’t together). I disembarked from the plane and was walking as directed for transit passengers appreciating what looked like a sparkling new airport. My attention was divereted by a random female voice from my left addressing me, ” Tuanu Company Nahin Pasand Haigi” (Don’t you like company of others?) It was none other than the same lady from Amritsar
To be continued..