Keywords:  Audience Behavior, Media Industries, Audience Measurement, Media Globalization, Digital Media, Network Analysis  

My research program explores the connections between media consumption and the surrounding social, technical and institutional contexts. My research focuses on two related topics:

1) Audience formation in an increasingly fragmented digital media environment. Methodologically, these projects blend social network analysis with traditional regression methods

2) Changing audience measurement practices as a lens into the institutional dynamics within the field of media, marketing and advertising. This research stream relies on qualitative analysis of media industry texts such as the trade press.

I research these topics in a variety of empirical contexts. My ongoing work focuses on Global Patterns of Web Use, Cross Platform Digital News Use in the US, Digital News Usage in Elections in India and Bollywood’s overseas Box Office.

I am also interested in  how all this impacts media industries and policy makers.

I got my Phd atNorthwestern University’s Media, Technology and Society Program.  My advisor is James Webster and I also work with James Ettema  Edward Malthouse and Noshir Contractor . I collaborate often with Angela Xiao Wu (also from Northwestern, now at CUHK)