A Summer as a ThinkSwiss Research Scholar : Something “Official” About It

Some of you may remember about my summer spent in Europe as a Think Swiss Research Scholar.

They are interesting Scholarships to apply to and are open for application for next year!

Anyhow I had posted some accounts of my travels to Rome and Berlin earlier.

Here is the link to my official account of my reflections from being a research scholar for two months. I hope it helps. Of course please contact me if you have any queries about the application process!

The Berlin Way : As Gauged in Two Days

 It is 1 am on a Thursday night. You are only two people left in the pub. It is obviously closing time, as you can observe the staff signal to one another to prepare for closing. My host and I continue to enjoy our drink, as the pub now looks ready to close, as the bartender says to the server ( in German), these two are the only ones left. I expected, we would finally be asked to leave the bar. Instead two more people join the two workers and they begin to enjoy their own drink, while we leisurely finished ours. And even as we left, they showed no signs that we were pests on them for staying on almost an hour after closing time.

Later I asked my host as to why we were not asked to leave, as I would have expected this in most parts of the world. And I was told, “ They Don’t do that in Berlin”. Friendly, forthcoming, multicultural is how I would describe this amazing city, which despite its dark history, albeit recent, really seems to live it up. And this is how I was greeted by upon arrival:

I arrived by a flight from Rome, that arrived rather late at night, and finally it was 1 am when I started from the airport (Schonefled the distant one). I had to take the train, get out at a small station, transfer to a night bus, change to a tram and finally walk about 7 mins to reach my host’s house. The journey planner website proclaimed that I could do all that in a little over an hour, and I indeed managed in about that time. In those wee hours on a weeknight, there were people in the trains, buses and trams who I could ask for directions. And there were people on the streets, many food shops were open! In the bus, I noticed a guy speaking in fluent German with a girl and decided to ask him if I was on the right bus. He told me, I am from Budapest and today is my first day in Berlin as well, pointed to the girl and told me, she is from Berlin and will be happy to help you and she obliged. Later I learned that they did not know each other till 2 minutes ago, and he had in fact just turned to her, to ask if she could tell him more about the city. And her style and expression seemed to suggest as though she had known him for long!

In the following two days I gathered, thats just Berlin!


Berlin: Did I fly in to Budapest instead?

 30 August 2011, Somewhere on the outskirts of Rome

I was to fly from Rome to Berlin. Instead of the airport shuttle from the central station ( 8 Euros), I decided to take a rather roundabout way that could get me there in about 3 Euros. But there was a catch, I had read about this cheaper bus route on the wikitravel page, but no one in the city seemed to have ever heard of it. But it does exist and you can read more about it here (coming soon). It basically involves going to a station at the far end of the line away from the center, and catching the bus.

There were two other people waiting for the bus who spoke in a language that I didn’t understand and wasn’t Italian either. This and their two large bags, suggested to me that they were indeed foreigners and waiting for the same bus. I decided to make conversation (in the hope that if the bus did not arrive, I will find 2 more people to split a taxi). So I learned that they were mother and son, traveling to Italy from Budapest and the only the son spoke English, and the mother perhaps Hungarian and some German. They were flying to Budapest. Finally the bus arrived and for 15 minutes before the airport stop, we were two the only three, apart from the driver of course ( They don’t have driver-less buses in Italy!). I did take the flight to Berlin!

 4 hrs later…N65 to Hackershmarkt, Berlin

It was 1 am when I started from the airport. After the train I transferred into a night bus where there were exactly 4 people. The two of them who I had a conversation with, told me it was their first few hours in Berlin as well, and they were from, yes, of course Budapest. They just arrived in Berlin for a few months on an internship in some Ministry. The Budapest story doesn’t end there.

My two lovely Berlin guides happened to be from Budapest as well, who I had randomly met two weeks ago , at the Amsterdam airport , where they decided, for whatever reason, to ask me for directions. Maybe they watched me gaze at the train map for 3 full minutes, which perhaps gave them confidence in me. I did manage to tell them that they were to take the same train as me, and by now sure that they weren’t dutch, asked , “Where are you from?” . Off they went, we live in Berlin, but we are from Budapest. We talked for some time and before leaving the lady handed me her card saying if you come to Berlin, we will be happy to show you around. I said in fact, I arrive there in two weeks. And they said before disembarking, do email, I did and my two days in Berlin were special because of Alida and Joseph ,originally from Budapest, but now true Berliners! And did I forget to mention that through them, I met another Hungarian filmmaker, though she grew up in Romania. I would say that’s almost Budapest!

A trek to Churdar -9th 10th and11th May Ex Delhi – Inviting Participation

Hoping that you would include everyone who is interested via a mass email from gmail is a tall order- therefore I thought of broadcasting this message using social media with the hope of inviting comments and some discussions 🙂

My Mami ( yes Kaka Nagar Aunty – for some of you 🙂 ) has planned a trekking tour to the Churdhar peak – at 12,000 ft the highest peak in lower himalyas ( well, Shivaliks) – offers some panoramic views of upper himalyan ranges and the indo gangetic plains at the same time

You could read/see more at the following links

And of course some photography enthusiasts have also given Churdhar a place on flickr

The Plan is as follows

9th May Saturday

-depart from Delhi – 6 am or even earlier ( Somewhere in central delhi)
Breakfast on the way – Lunch – Reach Nauradhar before 3 pm
Begin Trekking – 2-3 hours reach Teesri – Camp overnight

10th May Sunday
Trek to the peak – return to the shiva temple – camp overnight

11th May Monday
Descend to Naura reach by 4 pm

From here there are two options:
1. Those who intend to resume work on 12th – Drive to Kalka ( 4 hrs from Naura ) take Kalka Mail at 11:30 pm from Kalka reach delhi by 6 am on 12th May – Go to office 🙂

2. Those who can take 12th Tuesday off – they chill out after reaching Naura – in the Rajgarh valley – bathe in the stream , wander in the orchards (Rajgarh is a fruit bowl and this season trees will be loaded with plums and peaches) – we drive back leisurely to reach delhi by evening 7 pm or so

Next Steps
Please go to the link and fill this in if interested ( less than 2 mins)

Please feel free to let friends romans and countrymen know!
Contact me (harsh.taneja@gmail.com) in case of further queries –