Responding to Arvind Kejriwal: News Broadcasters Contradict Themselves

Arvind Kejriwal of the Aam Aadmi Party has a knack for hitting the headlines. Usually it is because media love to provide airtime and space to someone who can call others names and Arvind dosen’t mince his words, except when his cough takes over. And true to his style, his recent tirade was against the media themselves .This put the media in a fix.

Although a small “evolved” section of the media , saw nothing extraordinary or alarming in the allegations, the “rank and file” of the media took exception and has decided to react more strongly. In a statement, The News Broadcasters Association (NBA) has issued a warning to the Aam Aadmi Party to exercise restraint.  Here’s an excerpt from an article reporting on this:

NBA reminded Kejriwal and his associates that the electronic media is independent and discharging its responsibilities in a fair, transparent and balanced manner and asked the AAP not to hurl “unsubstantiated and unverified charges” on the electronic media

Curiously the statement goes on to say,

NBA requests the convenor of AAP to “immediately refrain” from making such preposterous allegations failing which NBA members would be forced to reconsider coverage of the activities of  the AAP (underline added).

The suggestion here implies that the decision to cover activities of a political party is based on the party’s favorable view of the news media in the first place. Doesn’t the media contradict itself, it’ s own core principles here? The News Broadcaster Association in other words has justified its own criticism.


Author: harshT

Assistant Professor

22 thoughts on “Responding to Arvind Kejriwal: News Broadcasters Contradict Themselves”

  1. Mr. Kejriwal stop be fooling the people , you are failure on all fronts, if you cannot run a small state like Delhi, then People have strong doubts on your credential to run this country.

    1. There is no scope to run the most Pathetic of states Delhi.Compared to other states’CMs Delhi CM hz zero power with no machinery to govern with.Only a puppet like Sheila can do it.Delhi like the Mistress of Centre,provides Revenue collected by Bureaurocrats,needs nod for every thing from Cntr.With Congis joining Bjp left,right n cntr,ppl wl b cnfuzd who R they Voting for.Bjp intermarrying in Muslims seems quite secular,but appealing fr votes in the name of Hindutwa they thmslvs R away frm.AAP hz many others apart frm AK,just another Party,why ppl wasting time by being so Vocal abt it while aMum hz prevailed fr 65yrs is beyond me.

  2. sir, i wish to point out my experience yesterday .. there was a news item appeared in the india today channel stating that Ms.Rakhi Birla of AAP demanded from a AAP candidate Rs.7 Lacs for supporting him .. I was shocked reading this news item .. immdtly i tweeted aam aadmi party bringing this to their knowledge .. against after a few minutes when i went back to the news, this item was withdrawn quietly .. this is how these channels are trying to mislead common people and try to please their masters .. Shame on you India Today ..

    1. Agree 100%.Ppl who kept a criminal Silence fr 65yrs now highly vocal about AAP,only aim to Malign them…what a shame.A resort fr Coward n Impotent Intelligentia.

  3. I was astonished how chanels gave coments on AK after BEA’s condemnation that day. One Chanel said some thing like-AAP’s honeymoon with media over.I replied this in my tweet that it was chanel which was having honeymoon with AAP so long AK was criticising only Cong.But this honeymoon,as I felt,was over when AK started unveiling alleged falsehood of so called Gujarat Vikash and unveiling of Modi-corporate links. Another chanel,I remember, said-we are 4th pillar…sending us to jail. I dont know what actually AK’s statement was. But I feel it was ‘negative ego’ to say so. She should keep in mind that India became independent in 1947 and any body found guilty can be sent to jail by Courts (media people not exception).I found same chanel how vomited (venom?) on AK after BEA’s condemnation. So irresistible to criticism!
    Chanels broadcasting videos, fed by BJP (inhouse camera),is not chanel’s betrayal to people ?(I believe-technology can show 500 gathering as 5000 gathering). Is Mumbai Church Gate news broadcasting not with distortion? Is that reporting not an attempt to project AK negatively?
    One can wonder how three ‘unclear’ tweets of AK,Shazia Ilmi,Kumar Biswas were picked up by Chanel and story shown as suspected ‘rift’ in AAP,which perturbed AAP supporters,which later came false. AK and others have so many “clear tweets” (with pictures)unveiling falsehood of alleged lies of Gujarat Vikash,claimed by Modi in rallies, and on Modi-Corporate links.(Ak also making such allegations in speeches & Interviews).There are also other such disclosures, about Modi & BJP,on Twitter. No Chanel show any mention of them from their side.
    Naturally all these tempt one to Criticise chanels. Chanels,though private body,can not act what ever they like-because they are shaping human-brains who should not be misguided.
    Broadcasting of news “as it is” is ethics of press-let people judge themselves..

  4. It’ll never matter what the media reports. The Indian voter is way better than that plus no matter how some dolt politicians try to influence the media, the ground reality will still not change.

    We support AAP coz’ we’re sick of the existing system.

  5. Without media Arvind and his party is a big zero. Only channel like Aaj Tak need the arvind’s acting coverage. Don’t forget to watch Arvind’s Chalisa on your paid channel Aaj Tak. If anyone of you have a single doubt, I can confirm you, you just do one thing, switch your channel to Aaj Tak at any time(24×7).you will ongoing Arvind’s Chalisa…..LoL

  6. The most nuisance interpretation “The suggestion here implies that the decision to cover activities of a political party is based on the party’s favorable view of the news media in the first place.” Stop writing blogs if you lack reasoning.

    1. In a world of social scientific reasoning, this interpretation is based on correctional inference. Why don’t you provide an alternative interpretation if you find this one nuisance?

  7. Do hell with corrupt Media. Arvind & AAP doesn’t need corrupt media, Media needs Arvind & AAP for TRP. I think media is forgetting that AAP won Delhi despite Media. If media doesn’t cover AAP it will be more beneficial for AAP because media shows everything of AAP by twisting it in negative tone & Media will be at a loss because other parties pay media for showing AAP in a negative tone.

  8. Maturity of any person or institution is measured by its ability to take reasoned criticism (aside from deliberate campaigns to discredit).

  9. AAP Party’s birth happen tobe bcoz people r very angry & frustrated with corrupt politicians & artifical Inflation created by nexsus of Corporates & politicans in the country.Example : we saw episode of Satyamevjayte on 16/03/2014.BMC of mumbai did NOT appreciate dumping job tobe done at 10 lacs rupees & is paying 70 crore for the same.Indians admire AAP Party (.i.e.whatever littel % does) is for the cause they stand & NOT a single candidate is tainted. So for a better indian go out and vote. Cribing latter wont help !

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