Paradise Lost and Regained: The Common Man Only Lost

In a recent incident of Saturday, May 4, 2013, a woman street hawker outside the restaurant was beaten by a ‘bouncer’ employed at the  popular Paradise Biryani. A few customers got outraged and one brave woman, wrote a blog that went viral. Meanwhile, some called the city police. Hyderabad newspapers couldn’t ignore a story that had already caught the fancy of their English speaking reader base, so they reported the incident. The  ‘bouncer’ is being reported arrested. Many may think that’s a happy ending. I beg to differ.

First, consider the two eventual victims in the story. The flower hawker woman. Poor and Female. Thrashed. Scared away from her only livelihood? Need I say more. The ‘bouncer’ Prakash Yadav. Male, Lower middle class.Probably lives away from his family and works as a security man to make ends meet for many. Most likely will loose his job.

Now, consider who is really responsible. One, the Paradise management and two, many of its customers. Why did the bouncer behave in the way he did? Probably because it is the diktat of the restaurant management to keep the area around “clean”. Clean of irritants who the well heeled customers of Paradise potentially would find a nuisance. Such instructions to ward off such “troublemakers” (as this woman). are unarguably motivated by the need to provide a delightful customer experience.  An incident such as this dents their image for sure. But perhaps the news of the bouncer’s arrest, that too reported in newspapers within hours of the incident, is perhaps the best PR redemption exercise.

Of course the bouncer should be punished for inappropriate behavior. But what about the manager who instructed the bouncer to behave in this way? What about the owner who asked the manager to tell the bouncer to behave this way? What about the customers who probably scoff at the  sight of beggars and street hawkers outside the restaurant?

Another bunch of “people like them”  have been further sidelined. As for “people like us”, the blogger, the newspapers and Paradise Restaurant management and the customers, we have all reaped our share of gains.

In sum, the blog and the  resulting action is job well begun, but only half done!

I request share this one widely, so that people also appreciate the harder implications of such stories


6 thoughts on “Paradise Lost and Regained: The Common Man Only Lost

  1. Sorry, you don’t distinguish between ‘loose’ and ‘lose’. Also ‘double quotes’ and ‘single quotes’!

    1. English is not my first language. However its been a while sine since I last attended classes. Thank you for your observations, you have a keen eye

    1. A new topic on this. Good one. Thank for finding time to express your views. I think the issue here is something bigger than what most of us looking at it. My point is, we are living in such a frustrated world. I see thousand other reasons behind the behavior of Bouncer. He may be frustrated with his job or manager or owner. We see (at least I see) many people could not get good (let me call Corporate) education like many of us. Many of my friends who are smart, intelligent and hardworking could not get Corporate/Computer education like me. So, all most all of them are working in a very low-paying job. I know how much they curse their poverty. The frustration of them may leads to any end. One of the outcomes of this frustration is what Bouncer to Woman Hawker.
      Here, I am not justifying Bouncer’s action. I am just telling all, we should not be judging the actions and reactions of others. There are many experts outside sitting in Black coats. Again, I am not telling you to keep silent and watch it. What I wanted is, instead of making somebody scape-goat, please find time to find out the actual reason behind the whole episode. Talk to Bouncer, Talk to Owner/Manager, Talk to Hawker and other people involved. If you think someone is being victimized then help him/her. I think the bouncer needs proper counseling and some good education that is it. If you want to punish him then you are surely thinking of creating one more criminal in the world.
      Coming to Paradise management, in our current legal and judicial system we can do nothing against them even if they are the reason for all that happened. Believe me or not, we are going to achieve nothing. In our current legal system no one is guilty unless otherwise he himself admits he is guilty. This is how it is working now. I don’t think Paradise management has that big heart to accept its guilt. I am sure he will run his business as if it’s very common in the kind of business he does. This may even take the advantage of the negative (free) publicity in his favor. That is what current education system teaching us. No ethics and no morals, only rat-race. Believe me or not we are all encouraging it by paying 1000’s of rupees for the products of worth not even in 100’s. So, we are the real culprits behind the suppression of poor and down-trodden and not Paradise management or someone.
      The only solution what I see is, we need to correct lot many things to give good life to our next generations. Before correcting, every one of us should be educated about this entire problem, root cause of it. We need to educate everyone in such a way that, they take right decision in everything that they do (particularly when electing their representatives). This is very big exercise. But we need to start as soon as possible. If we keep looking at these small things but ignore attacking the root cause for whatever the reason, then we will have plenty of work to do but we see no major change in anybody’s life. I hope I didn’t deviate the whole topic. Thanks for reading. Responses will be appreciated with no hypocrisy.

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