The Economist concurs with some of my thoughts on Machine Translation

It is always gratifying to see media you trust, think about the same issues.

I had written some posts (1, 2) on problems with Google’s machine translation  and responses to some people who responded to me here.  The gist of these arguments was:

  1. Google uses English as an intermediate language to translate between many language pairs
  2. It does not declare that it does this
  3. It has vested interests in hiding this fact – getting ad-words users to advertise in multiple languages.

My conclusion was that machine translation is a successful experiment but not ready yet to be rolled out as an institution.

Interestingly the Economist highlights some of these issue here in a post appearing weeks after my own.


Author: harshT

Assistant Professor

One thought on “The Economist concurs with some of my thoughts on Machine Translation”

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