Of Pindu Accents and Weird RSVPs :Two Strange Incidents This Week

Just heard a DJ on a very popular radio show, admit to his two Co-DJs how he does not have a British or Suave American accent unlike his other two co-hosts also of a Desi Origin. He almost seemed apologetic of his “Pindu Accent” (Pindu is a Punjabi word translated by urban dictionary as An Indian person from the village who is tragically unsophisticated) . And now does it surprise me that why do so many South Asians try and fake a British or American accent, sometimes just months after arrival into the western world . Have they ever wondered while their ‘Pendu Accent’ with correct English is totally fine, but their fake attempt at sounding suave are perhaps met with much more ridicule. And I don’t find this tendency among Europeans, Russians, Latinos or even the other Asians. And not all South Asians needed to neutralize their accent due to call center employment

Second unrelated incident, I heard someone turn down a party invitation for a common friend’s birthday, because he/she had signed up for dinner with twelve strangers. Ok, one may not consider hanging out with grad school colleagues as the mark of a rocking social life, but if you need to sign up for dinner with strangers to spice it up, why turn down a party to which you are invited and welcome – beats me!


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