The whole point is ‘Lost in Translation’

Web content in vernacular language will work best when it is focused on being in a day to day language, than some words which are technically correct but rarely used


Harsh Taneja – (संपादित करें) – 4 संबंधित साइट – 71 अनुसरणकर्ता
1 और व्यक्ति ने आपका अनुसरण प्रारंभ कर दिया है!

This is the first page of my Google buzz when I made Hindi the primary language of my Google account.
For starred emails they use the words Tarankit.
For saving an email as draft – they say “Abhi Sahejen” . Something as simple as forwarding an email they say “aagroshit karien”.

I consider Hindi as my first language, and have studied it all the way through high school. Yet most of the terms they use were new to me. I could only continue to do these operations, as I have used Gmail long enough in English and know what all the buttons do. Agreed I am no scholar of Hindi, but am not challenged either? Are scholars of Hindi expected to use the internet in Hindi or lay people who are often deprived of any kind of education beyond high school.

Why can’t forward be simply “auron ko bhejo” , starred mail be ” nishan lagao” and so on so forth ?
Ever heard that internet content in local language can help make it more mass. But then it should be the language of the masses and not something that only Hindi teachers will understand.

Author: harshT

Assistant Professor

4 thoughts on “The whole point is ‘Lost in Translation’”

  1. this reminds me of the days when discovery & natgeo also used to speak in such language and most of the words (apart from ‘narr’, ‘mada’ & ‘prajanan’ 😉 )used to go above your head!!

  2. You might know about it, but check
    It allows you to type in transliterated Indic languages in any textbox ok almost all.

  3. Hahahahah!
    It is hilarious that they do not seem to have found / created the parallel word for site .. some blogs I read in Marathi call them Sanket=Sthal! or, umm.. okay, was that URL?!!
    Agroshit is weird .. it can pass more as a fertilizer product or may be the name of some by-product company post harvest .. you know, hyphen is all that they need in there :D:D

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