Birth of a longform creature in a 140 char economy

I am not posting this 27 years later about  myself -rather talking about this blog. I am wondering if this is yet another blog I have given birth to to contribute to the growing infant mortality rates of weblogs by never really posting anything beyond the first couple of posts.

A sudden phenomenon on the web seems to have fascinated the world with its own short messaging platform. One often wonders where is the space for typical weblogs in this 140 character economy.A new blog may appear like a half rebellious attempt at expressing my discontent with the newest of new media trends.

If ‘tweeting’ and ‘digging’ were not enough inclusions in the list of delicious things one could stumble upon , we are now talking about retweeting of tweets.

Lets see how far can this  child of mine live on.  Help may not be on its way so soon after all


Author: harshT

Assistant Professor

One thought on “Birth of a longform creature in a 140 char economy”

  1. Use the 140 char space to market this child of yours, buddy… Guess it’s important to notice that as patience level of individuals is going down in lifeline, the time one spends on 1 thing at a time is also going down.. Pls note the move:
    1. Facebook comments -> facebook Like
    2. Blogs -> microblogs
    3. Copy pasting a URL to tell a friend -> socialtwist app
    4. Spending an hour in the morning to read newspaper -> news aggregators / google-alerts
    5. BBC news (plain reporting without opinions) and then making up one’s own stance -> india tv’s totally opinionated crappy/crazy stories

    This trend is also seen if you move from the countryside to metropolitan cities.. Any app/comm-medium today that works towards exploiting this falling patience level & promises aggregation will be a hit 🙂

    Tell me if u disagree.. Still keep blogging here, but don’t forget to market it on Twitter 🙂

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