A trek to Churdar -9th 10th and11th May Ex Delhi – Inviting Participation

Hoping that you would include everyone who is interested via a mass email from gmail is a tall order- therefore I thought of broadcasting this message using social media with the hope of inviting comments and some discussions 🙂

My Mami ( yes Kaka Nagar Aunty – for some of you 🙂 ) has planned a trekking tour to the Churdhar peak – at 12,000 ft the highest peak in lower himalyas ( well, Shivaliks) – offers some panoramic views of upper himalyan ranges and the indo gangetic plains at the same time

You could read/see more at the following links

And of course some photography enthusiasts have also given Churdhar a place on flickr

The Plan is as follows

9th May Saturday

-depart from Delhi – 6 am or even earlier ( Somewhere in central delhi)
Breakfast on the way – Lunch – Reach Nauradhar before 3 pm
Begin Trekking – 2-3 hours reach Teesri – Camp overnight

10th May Sunday
Trek to the peak – return to the shiva temple – camp overnight

11th May Monday
Descend to Naura reach by 4 pm

From here there are two options:
1. Those who intend to resume work on 12th – Drive to Kalka ( 4 hrs from Naura ) take Kalka Mail at 11:30 pm from Kalka reach delhi by 6 am on 12th May – Go to office 🙂

2. Those who can take 12th Tuesday off – they chill out after reaching Naura – in the Rajgarh valley – bathe in the stream , wander in the orchards (Rajgarh is a fruit bowl and this season trees will be loaded with plums and peaches) – we drive back leisurely to reach delhi by evening 7 pm or so

Next Steps
Please go to the link and fill this in if interested ( less than 2 mins)

Please feel free to let friends romans and countrymen know!
Contact me (harsh.taneja@gmail.com) in case of further queries –


Author: harshT

Assistant Professor at the Missouri School of Journalism

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